Welcome to XPFlier.net!

NEW! Ver 0.27 of the plugin has just been released! This new version includes a new pilot leaderboard, and aircraft failures when companies fail to service their aircraft! As always, you need the latest version of the plugin to used (v0.27). View the change log here.

NEW! The forum is back online here. So, if you are experiencing any issues or have an idea for the development of XPFlier.net - let us know!

XPFlier.net takes you through the life of an aviation pilot, starting at small grass strips with single-engine aircraft and ending up at international airports operating jets!

Pilots select tasks to complete which are flown in real-time within X-Plane.

XPFlier.net offers you a structured career, working for a number of companies in order to progress. Who knows, you may even end up as a CEO of a major company with dozens of pilots working for you!

View the current leaderboards: the top 10 companies, and the top 10 pilots that form part of our community. Or, view the quick start guide where you can find some simple instructions to get you started, and download the X-Plane plugin.

XPFlier.net comes with a set number of aircraft to fly. The current list of supported aircraft can be seen here. Or, complete the form here to enter an aircraft into the database.

Got a question, or an idea for the website? Visit the new forums here.