Change Log

Version 0.27 - 30/10/2016

XPFlier now has a pilot leaderboard! Pilots are assessed according to their landing performance over the previous 5 flights.

In addition, has also introduced aircraft failures. When companies fail to service their aircraft, pilots may find elements of their aircraft that do not function currently! Keep aircraft well-serviced to avoid any issues with flights!

Version 0.26 - 17/09/2016 now allows a job to be flown in multiple legs. For example, if a job needs to be flown from A to B, pilots can now land at C, unload and then fly from C to B at some later time. Companies will be rewarded with the fee as long as the job is completed in its entirety before the stale time.

  1. First, create a job as normal on and book an aircraft that can carry the number of passengers and cargo required.
  2. Start X-Plane and load the flight as normal. Click start on the plugin.
  3. Fly to any airport, press stop on the plugin. Passengers and cargo will unload.
  4. At some time in the future, load X-plane and start the flight. You can either fly to a new airport, or land at your final destination (at which point when you hit stop on the plugin your company will get rewarded with the fee).
  5. It is worth noting that the job to be flown in X-Plane needs to be at the top of the job list on as usual but you don't necessary need to fly the follow on flight the very next time you fly i.e. jobs can be flown in order - just make sure that the job you wish to fly is at the top of the job list on And, you can change aircraft during the legs; however, the new aircraft must be large enough to carry the passengers and cargo in the original job.