Quick Start

Using XPFlier.net is easy and fun, just follow these simple instructions.

  1. First register on XPFlier.net. Enter your desired username, your email address and the answer to the captcha. Your password will be emailed to your email address.
  2. Download and install the XPFlier X-Plane plugin. If installed corrently, there will be an XPFlier option in the plugins menu within X-Plane.
  3. Login to the website using the password provided.
  4. Now, you will be at the members page. From left to right: Pilot info, Company Info, Plane Info, Job Info.
    Pilot info: this is where you can view and edit your pilot details. You can also change your password or profile picture. If you are changing your profile picture, only PNG, JPG, JPEG and GIF files are allowed and must be 170px by 170px.
    Company info: this is where you view the details of the company you currently work for. At the start of the game, you do not belong to a company so you must either create a new company, or join an existing company. If you are the CEO of the company, you can change your company logo (again only PNG, JPG, JPEG and GIF files are allowed and must be 170px by 170px).
    Plane info: this is where you can buy, sell or rent aircraft.
    Job info: this is where you view all the current jobs. Or, bid for jobs at the auction!
  5. Goto Company info and create a company. Enter a name and the position of the headquarters. You will be given $50M.
  6. Goto the Plane section and buy a new or used aircraft, or even rent an aircraft.
  7. Goto the Plane Section and book out the aircraft.
  8. Goto the Job Section and Select the Single-Flight Jobs. View the jobs and select one. Now chances are, your aircraft location and job departure point will not be the same, so goto the aircraft section, select the aircraft and move to the job departure point (will cost $$)
  9. That's all for the site, so start-up X-Plane. From the plugins folder, open XPFlier.net menu. Enter your username and password and Log in.
  10. Click Load. The job from XPFlier.net will now appear in the description box.
  11. Click Check. As long as the aircraft being flown in X-Plane is the same as that on XPFlier.net, and the location in X-Plane is the job departure point, then all will be good and you can then click start.
  12. Fly the job in X-Plane. Once you get to the arrival airport, click stop.
  13. Now, return to XPFlier.net, your current job will be completed, and your company will have been credited with the reward. Your company will have increased its rating. You can see how your company rating is in relation to others by viewing the overview page.

Congratulations, you;ve just completed your first flight!

However, if you don't like the single flight jobs on offer, you can create routes.
  1. Goto the Company page and View Hubs. Buy a hub at another airport.
  2. Create a route between the two hubs.
  3. Goto the jobs section and click view current routes. Select either a passenger or cargo route. The plane you have booked out will be used for the job.
  4. Fly the job as normal in X-Plane as above.

Hence, the jobs can come from single-flight jobs, or routes you create between your company hubs. These can be passenger or cargo routes, big aircraft or small aircraft. In addition, you can have multiple players join the same company and you work together to progress up the leaderboard!